When a deal gets to the point of negotiation, are you putting your best foot forward to the customer? With DealerSocket’s Desking tool you can present payment and lease options in a way that is both professional and built to ensure profitability while decreasing the amount of time spent on every deal.

With DealerSocket, most dealers can increase gross profit on every deal by $250 or more.

DealerSocket Desking is an integrated single and multi-payment calculator and presentation tool. With the ability to quickly and easily present retail, lease and balloon payments and push deals directly into DMS, you will save time and money in the negotiation process. In addition, DealerSocket Desking offers a trade valuation form with “re-cons”.

Desking Higlights

  • Used Car Valuations
  • Run Credit
  • Deal Compliance
  • Realtime Desk Log
  • Calculation Rolling
  • Payment Matrix