What is a business rule?

Business rules are processes that are defined by your dealership for follow up and customer engagement. Your dealership’s business rules provide detailed guidance about how your customer engagement strategy can be translated to action. To put it simply, a dealership’s business rules define the Who, What, When and Where of your customer experience.

When are business rules used?

Every day! Business rules remind your people, proactively communicate with your customers and teach your managers where their are deficiencies in the processes at the dealership. Your CRM should enable business rules to run effectively and seamlessly behind the scenes. Here’s an example: when a customer sends in an Internet lead, your CRM should allow you to define who should handle follow up and how. Do you want an automated email to go immediately? Do you want a sales person assigned to call them? After their initial inquiry, when should they receive a second follow up communication and what form of communication will that be? Business rules automate this entire process – as defined by you – and for your entire sales team. Business rules inside of DealerSocket can also drive actions based on just about any criteria across sales, service, CSI, Desking… The number 1 Ford Dealership in the world for 20 years running has over 400 active business rules running in their DealerSocket system to make sure that nothing falls through the cracks!

How do business rules improve dealership effectiveness?

By establishing business rules for your customer interactions, your dealership can automate certain communications and track every interaction to make sure that your teams are doing the right thing at the right time. With your CRM’s reporting tools you should be able to get insights into employee performance, campaign effectiveness and understand what is working. By examining these reports you will be able to refine processes and enable continuous improvement on many levels.

Improve Processes

The results?

Many dealers tell us that we have helped them improve employee performance, get greater return on their marketing investment, increase service business and maintain happy and loyal customers. Learn more about how we can help you do the same.