MarketPlace Loyalty is a dealer pre-paid maintenance product sold in F&I and Service. The ability to market and rebrand for a specific dealership allows all of the benefits to come back to that dealer, 100% of forfeiture, guaranteeing customer loyalty. MarketPlace Loyalty is a proven product linked with executable strategies through email, phone, and direct mail reminder campaigns all from DealerSocket CRM.


  • The MarketPlace Loyalty program has proven to retain and capture 36% more customers servicing at the dealership
  • Most dealers lose 50% of their service customers to independents in the first 25K miles
  • Service customer defection puts the 46% of Gross Margin Revenue of the dealership at risk
  • Customers that service at a dealership every 12 months are 25X more likely to buy a car from the dealership than customers whose last service was in the previous 12-24 months
  • Pre-paid maintenance implementation decreases marketing expenses by 61%

Product Features:

  • Proven business case with a top 12 dealer group over 2 years
  • No risk customer retention program that is fully funded by the customer
  • Increased profit in sales, service, and F&I for the dealership
  • Sold to customers at every touch point, Sales and Service-increasing program participation
  • Configured to improve customer relationships for long term profit
  • Increased Opportunity for Used Car Acquisition
  • F&I Product Enhanced Value Perception
  • Can be used as Differentiator on the Sales Floorr