Inbound Call Management

Track, log, record, and map all incoming calls on toll-free and local phone numbers by rep. Phone-ups will automatically create sales or service events in the CRM and generate follow up reminders.

  • Listen to the phone call directly from the customer file in DealerSocket and utilize the recordings to coach and improve quality assurance.
  • Track closing ratio on all phone-ups by source and which advertising efforts are driving business to the dealership
  • Menu routing incoming calls by department eliminates non-sales calls from creating sales events in DS.

Outbound Call Management

All outbound phone calls from the dealership can be tracked and recorded. Understand how many phone calls your reps are actually making to your customers and prospects and what they are saying.

  • Each outbound call will place a time and date stamp and audio file within the customer record.

Website Tracking

Take web analytics to the next level by measuring the phone calls that your website produces. Now you can track referring sites and keyword searches to actual phone call conversions.

  • Dynamic number generation – each visitor to your website will see a unique phone number for your store.
  • View click trails and time spent on each page of your website in the Work Notes in DealerSocket.

Car Wars

Car Wars takes listening to and analyzing phone calls to the next level. Our professionally trained agents will listen to every inbound and outbound call and track important metrics such as time to answer, who answered, was the call a sales call, and was an appointment requested and/or set.

Car Wars turns your team’s call handling abilities into an interactive game with points assigned for desired behaviors that are proven to generate more revenue. Reps see themselves either rising or falling in the rankings which motivates them to improve their call skills.

  • Professionally trained agents analyzing phone conversations of your recorded calls.
  • Managers notified of all missed sales opportunities.
  • Summary of each reviewed call is logged into the Work Notes in DealerSocket.
  • Detailed word-for-word transcription of calls available for an additional cost.

Lead Launch (New!)

Lead Launch reduces response time to new internet-leads by instantly converting your internet leads to phone ups.

  • Dealers direct their internet leads to Call Management, which converts the lead into an audio message, then calls sales staff at a dealership. After listening to the details of the lead, the rep enters a personal phone code which calls the prospect and assigns the phone up to that rep.
  • Leads get into DealerSocket faster, usually within seconds, and reps can immediately connect to a shopping online customer