Contact your customers at exactly the right time by setting up customized Radars that scan your database for revenue-generating opportunities on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Set your Radar to look for the following customers:

  • Raise/Lower Payment w/ MPG Savings Calculated as Part of the Equation
  • Minimum Equity
  • End of Finance or Lease Term
  • Lower an APR
  • Serviced, Never Purchased
  • Sold, Not Serviced
  • Customer Not Serviced in (Any Timeframe) Months
  • Customer Declined Service in (Any Timeframe) Days

Each Radar contains the necessary information to convert it to revenue:

  • Current Vehicle
  • List of Matching Vehicles
  • Payment Options
  • MPG Savings of New Vehicle to Current Vehicle
  • Manufacturer Incentives

With the option to use RevenueRadar as a standalone application and/or have it seamlessly integrated into DealerSocket CRM… the possibilities are endless. Your sales and service team will have a wealth of talking points during their customer interactions. Maximize your profits by signing up for RevenueRadar today!