Vicimus solves car dealer and manufacturer problems with smart, easy-to-us software solutions that deliver results for marketing, sales and retail operations. We create fast, effective automotive tech.

Jonathan Pisarczyk


Software & marketing stack for dealerships. Outperform your competition, sell more vehicles, & earn more profit using the industry’s most powerful data-driven tools.


NCompassTrac is transforming dealerships through its experience, innovation, and easy-to-use products. NCompassTrac’s DMS compatible Dashboard and many Marketplace offerings help identify and market to the customer segments that drive profit.


As the first marketing cloud built for automotive dealerships, Orbee Auto offers automotive dealerships the proprietary and robust state of the art technology needed to tackle today’s competitive and complex digital marketing landscape.

Michelle Brescia


Marketo’s powerful marketing automation software helps marketers master the art & science of digital marketing to engage customers and prospects.


Xcel Media Group develops highly targeted marketing campaigns that increase both sales and service traffic into the dealership while providing a transparent return on ad spend.

Kenny Calhoun


Potenza | DriveAuto is a marketing automation and attribution platform for Auto Dealerships. We utilize CRM data to help with sales attribution and also identify potential opportunities that would otherwise be lost.


TCN offers all-in-one customer communications technology. Reach your customers through, automated calls, SMS, Ringless Voice Mail, IVR (interactive voice response) system, call center cloud technology, hosted predictive dialer system.