CarOffer is the industry’s first instant trade platform that is geared to solve the industry’s biggest challenges.


Client Command’s patented AI-powered technology delivers the most precise audience identification in the industry, matching real-time online shopping behavior with offline data to identify Active Shoppers™ and engage them through omni-channel media.



As the first marketing cloud built for automotive dealerships, Orbee Auto offers automotive dealerships the proprietary and robust state of the art technology needed to tackle today’s competitive and complex digital marketing landscape.

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Pulsar AI is automating client to sales rep communication to deliver conversations at machine speed — with human intuition. Pulsar engages with every lead and answers questions dealerships receive.

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TechPipe Consulting is a leading North American IT solutions provider focused on Digital Infrastructure, Cloud and Security solutions. We deliver this technology expertise through a full life cycle model of professional, managed, and support services.


SendSmart uses AI to engage web leads with prompt, polite and persistent messaging via chat, text messaging, email, social messaging and voice calling.

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Automotive’s most Advanced Interactive Video Platform. We produce world-leading online video engagement tools designed to build trust and transparency with your customers throughout the sales process with proven results in sales, service & BDC.


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Auto Master Systems, Inc. is the top BHPH/ BHPH / Indirect Lending customizable solution in the industry for the last 30+ years for Self-Financing Dealers.

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8 Ways to Maximize Your CRM Investment

Download this e-book which showcases 8 ways you can maximize your CRM investment

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Squeeze More Profit from your CRM

Learn the 8 ways to maximize your CRM investment including:

  • Managing the Right Metrics
  • Tailoring Marketing Content
  • Enhancing Internet Lead Management

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Learn why Audi of America depends on DealerSocket's CRM solution to maximize influential information that helps its dealerships stay on top of customer needs and maintain loyalty for lasting relationships.

4-Step Dealership Data Mining Process

Data mining can increase your dealership's business by 21% to 26% monthly - even without a process in place. Now imagine the business generated with a data mining process.

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Increase Opportunities, Convert Faster

Download the four-step plan on how to utilize data-mining year-round.

  • Real-time insights from actionable data inside your CRM
  • Know which customers most ready to buy today
  • Re-engage customers with one-on-one, omni-channel marketing campaigns

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Learn why Audi of America depends on DealerSocket's CRM solution to maximize influential information that helps its dealerships stay on top of customer needs and maintain loyalty for lasting relationships.

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Capture and Run Credit Details Seamlessly While Maintaining Compliance

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End-to-End Dealership Credit Process Management

DealerSocket CRM’s SocketCredit enables dealers to more quickly and readily capture and run consumer credit information during the car research and shopping process while ensuring necessary compliance. Car-seeking consumers get a better experience too, with more accessible and less cumbersome options for pre-qualification and loan approvals.


Rest assured that you’re audit-ready with digital consent, links to disclosure documentation, and a centralized credit portal.


Manage credit, finance, and compliance further upstream in the sales process with automated, digitized processes.


Save on processing time with application details and streamlined bank approvals displaying within the DealerSocket CRM.

Expand the Car Buying Process with Digital Consumer Credit Applications

Add a secure credit application to your website or send it via a mobile-friendly text or email link. Each data point within the application is securely pushed line-for-line back to the DealerSocket CRM, reducing the need for duplicate data entry.

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Prequalify Customers Early in the Sales Process with Soft Credit Pulls

Accelerate the sales process with soft credit checks. Get the validation you need to ensure you’re presenting an accurate, approval-ready deal structure without impacting the consumer’s credit score.

Easily Submit Applicants to Lending Institutions of Choice

Credit approvals are easy with push-button integrations that seamlessly pass data to lending portals like RouteOne or DealerTrack and on to the DMS with one click.

Credit Decisions and Reports Display in Real-Time

Get credit decisions, reports, and new credit application completion details within the CRM – they'll display automatically with notifications to alert you.

Manage Necessary Compliancy with Built-In Checks and Balances

Ensure you've gathered consent, presented the proper disclosures, and run required identity verifications. A digital audit log of credit processing times, dates, and associated users is easily-accessible from a centralized compliance portal.

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Everything is Easier Using DealerSocket CRM All Things Credit, One System

Manage the entire credit process from your DealerSocket CRM Credit & Financing tab. With integrated customer relationship management and crediting features, you can easily collect customer information, automate prequalification using custom business rules, increase customer trades with an easy-view of loan and lease details, and follow applications through the approval process.

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