Mobile Desking Presentation

Lot Location Fee

To qualify for Additional Lot Location Fee, Customer must not sell more than 50 cars per month at the additional location. If Customer’s sales exceed 50 cars per month at this location, DealerSocket reserves the right to increase Customer’s fees and/or require Customer to sign up for an additional site.

Mobile Desking Presentation Data Separation

Carmind Sales / Sales Management Stand Alone

Additional Franchise Recurring

Includes the addition of a franchise dropdown with no additional data feed/push

Omnique CRM Integration

Credit Compliance Bundle includes; CBC Web Credit App, 100 Soft Credit Pulls, CBC Credit Compliance

This Product requires Customer to subscribe to CBC for products or services.

Platform – Sales Components: ILM 25%, Showroom Tracking 50%, Mobile Sales CRM 25%

Monthly and Setup fee are associated with additional franchise(s) on One DealerSocket site.

CarMind Fixed Ops Stand Alone

Carmind Sales / Sales Management / Fixed Ops Stand Alone

Motorrad Dealer Bucket

Carmind Sales / Sales Management