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Realize the full potential of your customer database

Your customer relationship (CRM) and dealer management systems (DMS) are filled with data points about your customers’ purchase and service habits, communication preferences, and even financial indicators – all of which together can tell you important stories about how and when to interact with them. DealerSocket CRM’s integrated equity mining tool, RevenueRadar makes sense of your customer data, turning insights into actions for your sales and marketing teams.

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11 Different Ways to Target Your Past Customers and Bring Them Back To Your Store

RevenueRadar combs your database to identify and prioritize viable customer conversations in 11 different sales and service-based categories. For each lead, the platform will serve up a customer profile as well as a buying score so you can tailor your talk tracks for success and get that customer into the store.

Automated Omni-Channel Marketing

RevenueRadar’s Data Mining Marketer feature targets your past customers with a direct mailer and email campaign, set to reach them at the right time, with the right message. All opportunities generated from your Data Mining Marketer campaigns will be greeted by live agents 24/7 trained and ready to get them into your store

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With DealerSocket's Data mining solution, you can:

  • Generate new opportunities from your existing database
  • Leverage integration with DealerSocket’s CRM to manage all your leads from one system.
  • Implement automated email and direct mail campaigns.
  • Access high priority leads and see customer insights throughout the CRM, making it easier to have relevant conversations with existing customers.
  • Connect sales and service. Reach out to customers you’ve sold but haven’t serviced or serviced but haven’t sold.

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Hands-On Consultation Comes with the Package

With RevenueRadar, your staff is immediately enhanced to include an equity mining opportunity expert that will guide you on everything from marketing campaigns and sales training opportunities to service drive process and customer communication. Equity mining data displays throughout the DealerSocket CRM.

It’s all customers you’ve done business with in the past so they already trust you. You can pull up all their information back to when they bought the car, see exactly what their paying, what sort of payoff and equity history they have, and the last time they serviced... In one screen you get a snapshot of everything on RevenueRadar.

Andrew Benson

VBDC Sr. Team Lead, Qvale Auto Group

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