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March 28, 2017

At DealerSocket, Your Success Is Our Success

Technology is an integral part of the ever-evolving dealership landscape. Dealerships and car manufacturers constantly change and improve by releasing new, innovative products and ways to sell and service those products. From day one, DealerSocket has been a technology company focused on helping dealerships evolve.

In 2001 DealerSocket founders Jonathan Ord and Brad Perry set out to help auto dealers manage every customer interaction and touch-point from one platform. To gather the industry feedback they needed, they offered to work at a dealership for a year without pay. From there, they designed a product that revolved around exactly what dealerships were looking for.

At DealerSocket, we’ve always derived success through our dealerships. We listen to their feedback, which pushes us to make our products greater. We don’t claim to be the best car guys in the industry; we know that the best are the ones running successful dealerships.

We partner with the best dealerships and the best car guys in the industry to get their feedback and learn from their successes and flaws. We have product council meetings in the office to talk through and research suggestions we get from dealers. We solicit feedback in stores and on the phone to make sure that when we develop changes, we do them the right way. By getting feedback from the best of the best, we can focus on what we do best: developing cutting-edge software and technology.

Since the best car guys are the ones still at dealerships, we focus on hiring the brightest and greatest technology people possible. If you want to know how serious a company is about hiring great people, look at where their offices are located. We keep offices in some of the most desirable areas in the country to attract top talent. We hire from tech hotbeds such as Silicon Valley; Provo, Utah; Dallas, Texas; and Osh Kosh, Wisconsin.

Our team is composed of people from all spectrums with different strengths and backgrounds. We all share a passion for the technology we build and offer. We want to offer the absolute best, most user-friendly and functional technology on the market. Bringing together customers with high expectations and smart tech people who can deliver the best product in the market leads us to constant improvement and best-in-class products for the automotive space.

We started in CRM, but that was only the beginning. Our passion led us to the complete product suite we now offer — CRM, websites, digital marketing, sales & marketing, inventory, service, DMS, and equity mining — which guides consumers through all stages of the customer lifecycle. DealerSocket’s world-class customer support and innovative experts allow us to provide the most direct path to success for dealers today.