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Call Management & Web Analyzer

Track, log, record, and map all incoming calls into your dealership and automatically notify assigned salespeople of missed calls. Track and record outbound call efforts for coaching and accountability. Take web analytics to the next level by measuring keywords and website pages that are producing offline conversions.

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39% of calls into a dealership fail to reach a qualified employee

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    Call Management

    Track and record all inbound and outbound calls by rep through CRM

  2. 02

    Website Tracking

    Tie a phone call to a keyword to optimize PPC campaigns to phone calls

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    Car Wars

    Improve sales rep’s phone skills through a competition-based call-tracking platform

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    Service Setter

    Book more service appointments by identifying missed opportunities and making service staff members better on the phone


Always ask for an appointment! Only 12% of callers actually decline an appointment when asked into the store. Creating a fun and competitive environment between sales people not only decreases abandoned call rates, but also increases contact rates and appointments set. Align marketing efforts through phone and web by assigning new phone numbers and creating specific url's to each and every campaign to track reach, effectiveness and ROI.

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