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FEX DMS Plan Upgrade to iDMS 35 Core

To qualify for quoted Pricing, dealer must average under 35 sold units during the most recent consecutive 3 months. The language of this provision shall supersede any conflicting language in this Order. If maximum Average Cars Sold Per Month is exceeded by an amount greater than 15% of the 35 average sold cars per month, Customer shall pay, in addition to their Monthly Fee, a sum equal to 100% of their current subscribed price (sum of FEX DMS Plan Upgrade to iDMS and FEX DMS Plan). The above stated pricing includes an iDMS upgrade from Finance Express once DealerSocket launches the iDMS Product. Products included in this bundle are iDMS/FEX Core, Wholesale 50, MMR Option Integration. FEX DMS Plan Upgrade Pricing shall only be honored for current FEX customers and does not apply to new dealers going forward. New dealers not currently on FEX shall be under a separate iDMS pricing structure.

Last updated: February 2020

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