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Session Description:

As local governments make decisions, businesses are starting to re-open and car buying will begin to resume. Is your dealership ready for the changes ahead? We’ve put together a BIG checklist for re-opening your dealership, and we’ll cover everything from getting your sales reps back into the swing to pricing strategies.

Whether it feels like you’re starting from scratch or you just need a few extra tips to get things moving, this is the webinar for you! Register now and hear DealerSocket’s industry experts Darren Militscher. Judy Greeby, and Nick Oakley lay out the inventory & CRM re-opening checklist you need to get ready.

About the Presenters:

Darren Militscher, a Senior Dealer Results Manager at DealerSocket, has over 14 years of deep automotive experience and started his career with Dealertrack working on what would later be Inventory+ by DealerSocket. Darren is an indispensable part of his dealers’ workflow, providing valuable consultative advice and insight into their business strategies.

Judy Greeby, a Strategic Growth Manager at DealerSocket, has 25+ years of experience in automotive and has played a vital role in helping our customers accelerate their operations through her hands-on consulting.

Nick Oakley is also a key member of DealerSocket’s Strategic Growth Management team, delivering high-value business & product insights to our customers. With over 7 years of automotive experience, Nick is able to help his dealers drive results with their CRM and ensure business efficiency.

DealerSocket’s new report provides a snapshot of inventory and web traffic trends

DALLAS, May 12, 2020 — DealerSocket, Inc., a leading SaaS provider to the automotive industry, today released new insights based on aggregated Inventory+ data that shows positive signs for the automotive market. Contained in the company’s new “DealerSocket COVID-19 Impact Report,” the aggregated data set of insights will be updated on a bimonthly basis. The first edition reveals a 34.3% increase in consumer trade appraisals between the weeks of April 6 and April 20 this year.

The report’s first edition also provides a deeper dive into inventory management trends during the COVID-19 period between the weeks of March 2 and April 20. Aside from insights from DealerSocket’s Inventory+ team, the report includes online shopping trends from DealerFire (DealerSocket’s digital and websites business), and regional lists outlining the top 10 pre-owned vehicles based on sales count, average turn, front-end gross, and average sales price.

“Dealers are optimistic by nature, and the data outlines trends pointing to potential recovery signs for the industry from the COVID-19 pandemic, with activity spiking since the U.S. Department of Homeland Security deemed auto sales essential on April 17,” said Brad Kokesh, general manager of DealerSocket’s Inventory+ business unit. “The report also outlines a pick-up in activity among consumers. What’s interesting is consumers continued to initiate appraisals through online lead forms throughout the month of March, and consumer trade appraisals have jumped more than 30% since the first full week of April.“

Here are key findings from the DealerSocket COVID-19 Impact Report:

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