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Mine your database for customer intelligence that drives sales.

Your existing database offers a rich source of existing customers who may not be hearing from you about new purchase opportunities and service reminders. Our data mining solution uses advanced algorithms to identify these customers and organize them based on their propensity to buy. We partner with you from strategy to execution, ensuring that your efforts don’t fail due to a lack of follow-up or resources. And your dedicated data mining consultant will help you develop a long-term data mining strategy and the right back-end processes.

With DealerSocket’s data mining solution, you can:

  • Generate new opportunities from your existing database.
  • Leverage integration with DealerSocket’s CRM to manage all your leads from one system.
  • Implement automated email and direct mail campaigns.
  • Access high priority leads and see customer insights throughout the CRM, making it easier to have relevant conversations with existing customers.
  • Connect sales and service. Reach out to customers you’ve sold but haven’t serviced or serviced but haven’t sold.
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Re-Engage Past Customers.

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DealerSocket's RevenueRadar's deep integration with DealerSocket's CRM can help you capitalize on prime opportunities to re-engage past customers in the sales process. 

RevenueRadar uses 11 different ways to target your past customers and bring them back to your store, turning insights into actions for your sales and marketing teams.

With automated omni-channel marketing and an equity mining opportunity expert to help guide you, target past customers with a direct mailer and email campaign, set to reach them at the right time, with the right message.

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Turn insight into action.

Choose our data mining solution to make the most of your customer intelligence and turn insight into action for your sales, service, and marketing teams.

“I’m big on data mining. I felt like the best way to increase the numbers was to focus on our old data. DealerSocket did just that, and it shows in the numbers."

Rudy T., Mr. El Patronn

Managing Partner and General Manager, Brooklyn Mitsubishi

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